A straight smile

When it comes to having straight teeth, many people need the help of our orthodontists. Because every patient that we see has different needs, our experts at White Horse Pike Family Dentistry carefully tailor your plan to meet your individual needs and goals.

Available for both children and adults, braces offer people a simple and effective way to correct the alignment of their teeth. Depending on the severity of your oral problems and the natural alignment of your teeth, braces are completely customizable to the individual wearer. Helping to prevent oral issues later in life, braces are one of the most beneficial treatments one can get. Though we do not suggest braces for children that have not yet lost all their baby teeth, we do advise an evaluation to provide early treatment for the best possible outcome.

Though most commonly used for aligning teeth, braces do offer a variety of other benefits. If you or your child is having trouble chewing, is mouth breathing, or even has speaking problems, you may want to consider pursuing braces as a solution.

Committed to making your experience at White Horse Pike Family Dentistry enjoyable, we invite you to schedule a consultation today and ask us if braces may be the right solution for a big, beautiful smile. Contact our dental clinic in Somerdale today or reach out to one of our team members with any questions you may have.