Many people experience tooth discoloration at some point during their adulthood and decide to try a tooth whitening product or service. No matter what the cause―aging, smoking, bad oral hygiene, or persistent coffee or wine drinking―you’re not alone in feeling down about your yellowing teeth.

There are many different options for whitening your teeth, including all-natural methods, at-home tooth whitening kits, and professional cosmetic dentistry procedures. And, as with any other kind of cosmetic procedure, tooth whitening services vary in price and effectiveness.

At White Horse Pike Family Dentistry in Somerdale, NJ, we offer the most safe, effective, and affordable Zoom bleaching services in the area. Not sure if Zoom bleaching is right for you? Read more about it here.

What Is Zoom Bleaching?

Zoom bleaching is a method of tooth whitening that is performed in-office by our dentists, who are professionally trained and experienced in the procedure. We start by covering your gums and lips to ensure that any bleach stays on the teeth, then proceed to apply Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to every tooth. Once the Zoom bleach has been applied, we shine an LED light on the teeth to increase the effectiveness of the gel. This procedure typically takes an hour to complete, leaving our patients with a bright new smile by the end of their first visit.

How Effective Is Zoom Bleaching?

Zoom bleaching is one of the most favorable methods of tooth whitening, as it is quick and extremely effective. After just an hour or less of professional Zoom bleaching at our dental clinic, patients will notice a significant improvement in their once-discolored teeth that is guaranteed to last. Though it is more expensive, our professional Zoom bleaching procedure is far more effective than any at-home tooth whitening kit or DIY baking soda mixture. Just ask our patients!

Is Zoom Bleaching Affordable?

If you are interested in a professional Zoom bleaching procedure but are hesitant due to the cost, call our dental clinic to inquire about our procedures and prices. At White Horse Pike Family Dentistry, we regularly work with our patients to figure out the best options that fit their needs without breaking the bank. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you have about our top-rated Zoom bleaching procedures.

If you are feeling down about the appearance of your teeth and are looking for a quick, effective solution, Zoom bleaching is the best way to get your smile back. Contact our family dental clinic in Somerdale to schedule your professional Zoom bleaching procedure today!